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Breakout Toronto Bands: The Folk – BlogTO – (8/3/2014)

  • “This band churns out a personalized concoction of alternative rock n’ roll goodness, with powerful and chill-inducing melodies… The Folk’s music is like a fusion of your parents favourite vinyl records and your cool downtown cousin’s CD collection… A keystone of their sound involves the objective to communicate inter-personally through their instrumentation, conversation style. They set out to achieve this feel by using a live-off-the-floor style of recording without the use of a metronome. The humanistic synchronicity behind We All Say provides for rich subtleties in dynamics and emotional delivery, along with an overall sense of blended intuition.”

DiSC of the WEEK: The Folk – We All Say – quick before it melts – (10/3/2014)

  • “After a series of three-song releases, Toronto-Guelph ON band The Folk set about to record a full length debut record… It is the culmination of their origin story, rather than a summarization, as none of the songs appeared on either of their two previous releases.  The result, We All Say, is an album that I didn’t know I wanted The Folk to make, and didn’t know they could… I’ve used “organic” and “natural” to describe music before, but I can’t think of an example that so perfectly epitomizes those descriptors as “In Silence” and “Subtle Play” do… You can actually feel the point where The Folk lock into each other, focus their energy and attention and hit that sweet spot where the music blossoms and bears fruit… This music geeks says that We All Say succeeds on all fronts, elegantly, and I’d be willing to go tow to toe with anyone who says otherwise… This record is that good.”

IMPOSE Magazine features “In Silence” in AM Gold: “Personalities collide in The Folk’s latest effort” – (24/2/2014)

  • “The Folk have never been much to shy away from what they want to say. In their latest effort, the Toronto 5-piece alt-rock group, full of roommates, long-time friends, and even a pair of twins, fearlessly fills their sound to the brim with the voice of each individual member. On paper, tracks such as their single, “In Silence,” should clash, but the swarm of different influences converse rather than fight for center attention.”


RULES OF YOUTH is featured in Everyday Is Like Sunday. The film was shot entirely in Toronto and was directed by Pavan Moondi; produced by Brian Robertson & Pavan Moondi; and written by Pavan Moondi & Michael Sloane. It was released on August 16th, 2013 and is now available to stream on Netflix Canada. Distributed by Mongrel Media.

“In just three songs [The Folk] have single-handedly reminded me why I started blogging in the first place: to tell the world (or anyone who’ll listen) to sit up and take note of songs as ace as ‘Rules of Youth’, as rocking as ‘When I Go Away’, and as tender and tense as ‘Say It Again’.”

“Say It Again is most definitely a sign that we can expect some awesome things.”

“…it’s clear that The Folk are informed songwriters, and possess a serious potential in the Canadian indie rock scene”

“…essentially a series of anthems…The first track, “Rules of Youth” is breathy stuff, anthemic relaxation fit for a California road trip. It’s a great melodic choice for the opening track and sets the tone for the rest of the EP.”

“Distorted vocals, swooning guitars, a wall of noise. All good things!”

“There is no shortage of potential for Guelph/Toronto based The Folk. Delivering an energetic brand of hook-laden indie rock that navigates between a pronounced classic rock vibe and synth-pop elements, this five-piece served up a style all their own, seamlessly blending spot-on harmonies, sparkling synths, propulsive guitars, and solid drumming, resulting in dynamic rock-fueled songs that truly have a feel-good anthemic quality. With the bands strong live presence and great musical scope-and now set to release an EP-The Folk are certain to win over more audiences.”