A Letter From Matt Long

A few weeks ago our friend Matt Long sent us an unsolicited review of Say It Again. We loved it as we love most things associated with Matt Long. We hope it’s not too self congratulatory to post the review here in its entirety, we wanted to share it with the world.

A Sign of the Shapes of Things to Come

The Folk capture the Offbeat generation on the bands epic second EP, Say it Again.

On opening track “Rules of Youth”, singer/songwriter Sara BV captures the young twenty something’s sense of being lost in this world that we recognize as inwardly and outwardly collapsing- that we have witnessed to be bubbling with contempt for the traditional standards- and that needs to change.

BV strikes an important note about reality that people need to consider.

All we think, forever will always be here.

            Everything that we do is a part of our story. Everything we write, everything we do search or type up on a computer, everywhere we go; everything we think- it’s always there, in us. Anything recorded could literally be on the Earth forever. What that means depends on many things. But everyone has the opportunity to tell his or her story. The most amazing thing about humanity is that every person you talk to, if you talk enough, will amaze you.

BV also expresses the common search amongst youth for something real. The world has become a technological wasteland. Everyone is connected to the technology and people have become isolated from one another. We live in worlds that are planned around our own individual plans rather than spontaneous thought or consideration for the worlds of other people. This world has reduced to nil the  likelihood for many people to experience strong spontaneous composition or thought or intuition. Interactions and gatherings happen through phone. When we are with other people, we have to have our phones with us so that we can always know what is happening elsewhere.

Even all the art… A lot of the art world has become very hyper-aware. There isn’t a real sense that people know what they want to do. People follow trends but who deserves to lead them?

I don’t know, but Sara declares outright that something’s about to change and I believe her. The world won’t live on in this same sense forever. People will eventually realize that we need to care about things that are more real than the capitalist drive or the religious drive or the community drive or the blood drive or the sex drive. The people drive. We need a world where people can really live together. A world where people can live and do what they want as they want for what will be the best for everyone and themselves. That is not this world.

I call the Offbeat people of the world to work together to render all the ridiculous problems of the world obsolete. If the free world doesn’t jive with your free thought and what you know in your heart to be right, what does that mean?  If you’re Offbeat, you know who you are. If we wanted, world hunger could be done by the end of the month. If we wanted, everyone could have a good meal this weekend. But we don’t do that. Give me one good reason why? But that’s for other minds… the problem being that those minds, so OnBeat with the world as it already spins will never think to consider a good reason why. It doesn’t matter.

Sara’s desire for something real is quickly realized when the hard-hitting “When I Go Away” begins.  At the end of Rules of Youth, Sara declared to run. “When I Go Away” is the answer of what happens when you take that trip and go. The instrumentation is suddenly clearer than the opening track. Slashing guitars, pounding drums and a change in vocalists to the rip-roaring Mark Ferrari is a refreshing expression of the band’s democratic nature. The song builds and builds until both singers’ trade lines between booming, soothing harmonies in a harmonic wave through their journey.

The song crashes down, as every song unfortunately does at some time. And as real as “When I Go Away” was to the electronic “Rules of Youth”, “Say it Again” shines in simplicity as “When I Go Away” reveled in bombastic spirit. A single guitar rings a charming melody. Mark and Sara harmonize. Their voices weave into something haunting and beautiful.

The glorious bites of joyful music on this EP, and those that will arrive on the bands upcoming LP, “We All Say,” will play on stereos again and again all over this world for forever times to come- or at least so long as I’m around.

“I wish it were a hundred years from today. I can’t stand the suspense.” – E.M.


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